Ornament Ideas And Traditions

Ornament Ideas And Traditions


submitted by: Leanne Brasch


hanging hearts ornamentsEvery year, since money is limited, as we are a low income family with 3 children, the only gifts my husband and I exchange are Christmas ornaments. They are to represent something special that reminds us of each other, or something significant that occurred during the past year.

Some of our memories on our tree are …the year we bought our starter home…I made him a homemade shack out of twigs, but lovingly painted home sweet home with the year inside a red heart on it. It was one of his favourites.

Another year, he gave me an old fashioned-antique key tied on red and green ribbon representing that I hold the key to his heart.  A seashell with our names painted on it and the year is from the year we went on a vacation down east.

It is fun to be creative and we get so much enjoyment opening our special ornaments every year when we decorate our tree. We reminisce on our past and tell our children what each ornament means and why we chose them to give each other. I have a feeling this tradition will continue with each of our children as they grow up.