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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Curtis Lewis

The first Christmas my girlfriend, now wife, and I spent together I wanted to get her something special that could be repeated each year. There is really something special about tradition that makes gifts all the more beautiful.

So I went I purchased a Precious Moments “Our 1st Christmas” ornament to give to her. Now the tradition is the same and each year I go to the store and buy the “Our 1st Christmas” ornament and with a pencil scratch out the 1st and put 2nd, third and so on and so forth.

It always brings us back to those special moments in the beginning of every relationship each Christmas season and every time she comes to that present she stops for a moment and reminisces of all the special times we have had together.

Traditions help us to remember where we have come from and keep our feet grounded to reach where we want to be in years to come.