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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Misti King

Christmas is a very special time for my children at our house. I have taken all the things that my children held close and dear to their heart like their “lovies” which were their blankies which I cut down to make small ornaments out of them, their “booties” with baby’s breath and holly made into an ornament, and their toys and pacifiers all made into special ornaments.

I even took things from special times in their lives growing up like pictures of championship little league games put into ornament frames and  mementos of plays they were in at the Little Theatre and made them all into ornaments for them to take with them when they leave the nest.

I have given each of my children a special ornament every year with the date and something that happened special that year for a gift so they will have memories to take with them for their own special Christmas family memories to share with their children someday.

This has made decorating the Christmas tree a very special and exciting time at our house every year as the children have their own memories to put on the tree and can dream of sharing those with their own families in the future.