Stocking Ideas

Stocking Ideas


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christmas stocking ideasThis year is my wife’s and my first Christmas together. We married in June and had nothing but, a blissful relationship since.

Since the Christmas season was here she mentioned that she wanted to get the decorations out and do the house up. That’s a great Idea, I told her. Later as the stocking came out I noticed there wasn’t one for her. I counted again, my kids, her kids, me and one that had a bone on it, I picked it up and looked at her smiling and said “the dog?”

I asked her where was her stocking and she said she didn’t have one. The dog has a stocking but, she didn’t!

She said her first husband never realized she didn’t have a stocking and she never went and bought one for herself. I asked her 16 year old daughter, later about it and she confirmed that she never had a stocking as long as she could remember.

The next day I passed a dollar store that had super gigantic stocking in the window, I turned around and went and bought it. I took it home, put her name on it and hung it. It hung at least 3 foot long and about 2 foot wide.

Then I left and went to the jewelry shop down the road from my house and bought her a diamond heart shape necklace. I dropped it in the stocking with a note attached. It read, “You are my soul mate and I have dreamt about you for many years. I’m going to pay attention to every little thing you want and need and the stuff that you don’t have when you should! I love you!”

I know that every time we passed the jewelry shop in the mall you stopped and looked in their window. There were only two things in that window, a man’s watch and this.

When she got home she was really amazed not only to have a stocking but, how large it was. Then she notice that a present was already in it. With tears in her eyes, she said this is the first Christmas that she had looked forward to in 15 years.