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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Alan Haggard

When I was a kid, my mother always would put an orange in the bottom of our stockings. As there were four of us kids, as I got older I figured it was her way of taking up space, because I thought she didn’t have a lot to put in there. Of course, it wasn’t.

When I got married, I shared this tradition with my wife, who liked it, so we did it for a few years. But then she came up with a twist, which we have been doing every year for over 20: The flavored chocolate oranges have become the “toe” of our stockings.

At first it was only orange flavored, but we have branched out with the availability of other flavors. This is a treat for me and our three kids; for me, I try to make my “orange” last as many days as possible, to be able to enjoy the season of Love and Giving.

Now we are looking at the last Christmas with our son at home; he will be married before next year. I am hoping that he will recognize the importance of the traditions we have kept over the years.