submitted by: Ami DePierro

My husband and I decorate a small tree in our bedroom each year according to our anniversary. The first year we made paper snowflakes, origami birds, and a star from a leftover wedding invite.

The second, we made fabric ornaments from clothes that had seen better days but were still very sentimental to us and made little stockings from our newborn daughter’s socks and put hooks in the leftover bubble favors from our wedding (they were covered with lace and tied with ribbon).

The third and leather was a tough one. We ended up covering balls with flannel from one of his old shirts and tying bows on top with our old leather shoelaces and making dough ornaments in cow shapes.

This is our fourth and we our decorating it with dried flowers from our garden and some he has given to me, ribbons of all the flowers he has given me over the years, and covered Styrofoam balls with the potpourri from our wedding.

We are going to be doing some remodeling this year and are already planning on saving the scrap wood for next year’s ornaments. Also, we move a couple of the ornaments to the big tree the following year so that we always have memories to reminisce over every year.