Christmas Tree Ideas

Christmas Tree Ideas


submitted by: Micael D Grady


HorseSleighRideOne of the many, memories I have with my wife would be the first Christmas we spent together. We had an opportunity to spend the weekend in a cabin deep in the woods. That weekend we spent countless hours in front of the fire place reading books to each other and freeing ourselves from the world.

The night before we left, my wife came to me and told me she wanted a live Christmas tree for our first. I told her that would be kind of a problem, since i just started a new job and money was a little tight. She looked away for a second or two then looked back at me and said, “I understand as long as we are together, it doesn’t matter.” but, I saw it in her eyes, it did matter. That night we fell asleep together, or I made her think we did.

Earlier in the evening I made arrangements with a neighbor a ways down the road to borrow one of his horses, and explained to him why I needed it. We both agreed on what time would be best for me to come and get the horse. I quietly got up and got dressed, made my way down the road, and saddled up. The gentleman told me of a place that the trees grew in this opening about five miles south of the cabin. It seems like forever when I came into this field that was covered in a fresh blanket of snow that had a blue tint from the full moon glistening above. Right in the middle of this field was this beautiful tree.

I got off the horse and secured him to another tree and, I pulled the old double bladed axe from its sheath. As I walked toward the tree I realized how happy this would make her. Once I cut it down and tied on a make shift sled I started for the cabin. About an hour later I arrived back at the cabin. I noticed a light flickering inside, and my wife pacing the floor.

I rode to the front door and called her named. As she open the door and saw what I had hers eyes filled with tears of joy. I got down off the horse and she hugged my neck. She told me this truly made her happy and she never had thought I would be this romantic. I told her, I loved her and,I knew she wanted a tree for Christmas, after I thought about it all day I knew I had to get one.” and every Christmas from that day we borrow a horse and take a midnight ride looking for a Christmas tree together.