submitted by: Jamie Hedge

My husband, Chris, and I have been married only about 6 months now, so this is our first Christmas together as a married couple. Less than a month after we got married, we moved far away from our families in Alabama to Hawaii because of our jobs.

While we love living here, we do miss our families,
especially around this time of year. As most newly married couples, we don’t particular have a whole lot of money, so we went in search of a tree for our
first Christmas together. This is also our first Christmas season away from our families and Christmas is a big deal around my house because I have 7 siblings.

My dad always buys a Frazier Fur Tree and to me, that is the only tree! It smells so good! Those are nice trees and also pretty expensive, so our first thought was just to be different and buy a small palm tree to decorate. While in search of that palm tree, we ran across the most adorable mini Frazier Fur, right here in Hawaii! It is just perfect—-just like a Charlie Brown tree…..only about 3-4 feet tall, a little sparse, but in a perfect Christmas tree shape. The best part, it was only $9.

So we bought it and set it up in our apartment. The other sentimental part of the tree is the ornaments. As most newlyweds, we also don’t have a lot of ornaments, which makes our little tree so great.
However, the ornaments we do have mean a lot to us. My favorite movie is the Wizard of Oz, and every year either Chris or his families buys me the new Hallmark Keepsake Wizard of Oz edition ornaments (about 3 a year).

We bought a strand of lights and put the ornaments on, with a bow on top, and it is absolutely beautiful. It was such a memory to pick out and decorate our
first Christmas tree together as a married couple. Now, every time I look at the tree, it makes me so happy that we are starting our life together, and I can also still smell all the memories of Christmas at my parents house!