Coffee & Tea

Coffee & Tea


submitted by: Rebekka


coffee romance ideasBoth, my boyfriend an I are coffee lovers – big time.

We work at the same office and the coffee there is just, well,¬†not so good. So one day he decided to bring in his stove-top espresso machine and a milk pot and a frother. So now, every once in a while, when we notice that the other one is really stressed or needs a motivation, we’ll go to the kitchen, take the 20 minutes it takes to prepare some real latte macchiato with a lot of foamy¬†milk and the whole thing and surprise the other one with a big mug of the real stuff.

This puts a smile on the other ones face every time. It also shows you are aware of the situation the other one is in at the moment and even though you cant really help with the workload, you can still show you care and do something meaningful.

I mean, we still could go down to the Italian coffee shop across the street and grab some coffee there, but that would not be the same.