With Coffee & Tea

With Coffee & Tea


submitted by: Janis


sick woman in bed romantic coffee tea helping pain reliefI had a filling fall out on a Friday night, no less. I couldn’t drink and I was in so much pain that I couldn’t leave bed. My husband made pot after pot of hot water, would put the hot water in a travel mug and made tea with it. He would hold it to my cheek, the warmth helped ease the pain a bit. After the cup lost most of the heat, he would drink the tea and do it all over again.┬áHe did this for 2 days and 3 nights, around the clock.

He stayed with me, and made sure I was comfortable. He listened to me cry and complain and most of the time he didn’t sleep. Never once did he complain about staying with me or me being a pain. It is the little things that people don’t realize matter the most. I got my tooth fixed on the following Monday morning. He said he liked spending time with me, it made him feel needed and wanted. I told him I don’t need to be in pain to need him. I need and want him all the time, and it made realize that I don’t say it or show him enough. It helped us communicate better with each other.


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