With Coffee & Tea

With Coffee & Tea


submitted by: Peggy


Chamomile teaCoffee is such a part of our romance! My beloved brings me coffee every morning with a smile on his face to help get me out of bed. I am so not a morning person, and for that reason, I got the kind of coffee maker which has automatic programming on it. At least I can make his coffee for him by getting the beans ground the night before and making sure it goes off when he is awake in the morning! (He gets up early)

Sometimes, I make him a cappuccino and have learned how to make those little heart designs on top with the frothy milk. Some evenings when we are just talking and winding down from the day, he makes us a pot of chamomile tea and we love to just snuggle and sip our teas before going to bed. To me, the simple things of sharing a good coffee or tea bring us back to recognizing those little things which are romantic.


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