With Coffee & Tea

With Coffee & Tea


submitted by: Shannon O


romantic sensual sexy massage romantic tea and coffee ideasMy husband loves me to give him sensual massages. The last time I did it I used very warm tea (bordering on hot) with a little honey. I lit a bunch of candles to set the mood, put on some nice music and set to work. I first started to gently massage him all over with oil. Once he was used to my tender touch (about 20 minutes into it) I decided to change things up a bit with the warm tea.

I already had it prepared and waiting on the nightstand. I found that a thermos works best at keeping the temperature optimal. I put the warm tea in my mouth for a few seconds so that my mouth would get really warm and then I proceeded to gently lick him all over. I would switch it up between lapping like a dog and gently flicking my tongue against the skin.

Be sure to blow lightly on the wet spots to give him chills. Mind you, I would do more massaging with the oil than flicking my warm tongue over his body. You want to keep them guessing as to what comes next. His entire body was shivering with delight!