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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Dwayne C

I e-mail a friend that lives in another city everyday as a way to keep in touch and get to know each other better (one day I hope we’ll meet face to face). She was going out of the country for a work planning meeting and was not going to be able to e-mail until she returned home. So each day I wrote her an e-mail in semi-newspaper style starting with a weather comparison between where I live and where she was visiting.

I then wrote about the days events and closed the e-mail with a single alpha letter at the very bottom. When she returned home from her trip, not only did she get these mails but imbedded in the mails was a secret code. She had to take the first letter of the mail, add it to the last letter at the bottom of the mail and do that for all the mails to decode the message.

I also created a very simple game on my web site that gave her multiple choice questions about things we’ve talked about. With the correct answers she was able to locate the secret page and find her valentine.