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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: John Wiles

My wife and I work at the same school site. Last year I was required by my employer to attend a training event in San Francisco. Before I left, I wrote a login script for my wife that contained a different short poem for each day. Every day that she logged in to her computer, The poem would come up on the screen for her to read. When I called her Tuesday night (by then she realized she was going to get a different message everyday) she said she could hardly wait until the next day to see what the message was going to be.

When I returned I found that everyone in her office area would gather around the computer to see what poem was going to appear that day. (Good thing I was discreet with my messages). Not only were the other ladies in the office impressed, but I think my wife had a little pride in her eye! She said it made the week go by a lot faster, and the welcome home was worth the extra time spend writing the login scripts.

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