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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Skyy

A while back I downloaded a program called ‘NetBus,’ a program that allows you to do almost anything to another person’s computer by simply knowing their IP address. Though many people use this for negative reasons, as soon as I realized the potential of the software I quickly thought of things I could do to my girlfriend’s computer to keep our long distance relationship strong.

Each morning, I’d wake up an extra 10 minutes earlier than usual for my classes so that I would be able to think of something nice to do for my girlfriend. For a month, she would find something new on her screen. I would scan poetry written on stationary and set it as her wallpaper, play songs that I dedicated to her (looped to make sure she’d eventually hear them), I’d even type letters to her on her notepad program. I always tried to be sly about the whole thing, throwing in something new each morning when I thought she wouldn’t be in her dorm room.

Well, one day, I decided to write a letter on her notepad expressing how much I missed her and how much she meant to me. (note: The ‘NetBus’ program actually lets both sides see what’s being typed in real time. This meaning that if I typed a sentence, the other person would know what errors I corrected and how long it took me to type if they were watching.) So I proceeded to write a love letter which took me 2 hours to complete. I’ll be honest… I was proud of it. It truly conveyed how I felt about her, how she was everything to me. I ended the letter by letting her know how I much I missed and longed for her presence… and a few seconds after I signed “L-o-v-e A-l-w-a-y-s-, S-k-y-y”, the words “G-o-d-, I  l-o-v-e y-o-u” were typed out on my computer screen. She had been watching me type the entire time.