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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Michelle W.

I think my computer helps me keep the romance alive with my husband of six years in several ways. I use it to create & print up wonderful cards and notes for him, almost all of them are personalized (which he loves) and some of them I design myself (which he loves even more). Store-bought greeting cards are so expensive and the trip to buy them is a hassle, so I never would be able to give him as many cute little cards and notes. (Since he’s not computer-literate, he can’t return the favor.)

With the work Doug does, he is forced to go out of town frequently at short notice. I always try to tuck a homemade, computer-created card for every day that he’ll be gone. He really enjoys this and so do I. Just the other day he was called away at short notice. Since I hadn’t had much warning, I snuck out of bed when he was asleep and made a few quick cards and tucked them in his luggage. It was a nice surprise for him.

The other way I think the computer helps keep the romance alive is buy using a free web-based service (I’m not trying to push a service or anything.) called It lets you have unlimited free long-distance phone calls. (And not just computer-to-computer, but computer-to-phone!) It’s a little “staticy” but because it’s free it’s quite good. When Doug’s out-of-town, I use it to call him at his hotel every night before he goes to bed at night. (And whenever I can catch him in.) We get the opportunity to talk as long as we want (with lots of “baby talk,” I love you’s, hugs & kisses) with out running up any charges on the phone bill.