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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Diane Courville

My boyfriend and I live approximately 1500 miles apart. So, a long distance romance can be very difficult a times. We sure have experienced the ups and downs of the long distance.

It really helps when both are creative…and we both are!

This particular evening I decided to write him a romance story. The stars being he and I. I went to different greeting card sites, and wrote a piece of the story on each card, labeling them Part 1, and so
on. This way he would know which card he should be reading first.

Each card sent to him came from a different site, so in order to piece all the parts of the story together he had to travel the web. He loved it, and was great fun waiting for him to get all the various parts of
the story.

The only thing I would caution, is that you use reliable card sites.  Ones that you know will send the card immediately. Don’t want to keep him waiting, a few days, to get the middle section of the story, do you?