submitted by: Nadine LeBlanc


red roses cookie gift ideasFor our very first anniversary I went to the local grocery store and put together a package for my sweetie.  I bought a box that is usually used for roses and filled it full of a baker’s dozen of really big cookies.  All of his favorites and a few of mine.

I had also baked him his favorite cookies and shaped them into the words I, U and a heart shape.  But I figured since I was taking cookies to work for him that I wouldn’t completely embarrass him with the heart shaped cookies, so I saved these for home!

Because I was able to, I delivered the “Cookie Roses” personally.  I walked into the place where he was working with this box that looked like flowers and the receptionist sent me back to his work station.  I was just going to leave it with a card where he worked, but he caught me and looked questioningly at the box.  Why would I bring him flowers?  When he opened the box I was the most favoured person in the place for that moment.

Cookies were shared with all his co-workers and I scored big points.  A few cookies were saved to bring home to me, but I was just happy that he enjoyed them.  If you buy a guy flowers, he knows that you’ve pretty much bought them for yourself and just used him as the excuse, but if you buy him cookies and take them to work, he knows that they are for him and he can do what he wants with them.  Share them or keep them all to himself!