With Cookies

With Cookies


submitted by: Kissit


blindfolded taste cookie testMy fiancé and I made a bet. If I won he had to help me bake in the kitchen, if he won he got out of the work part and got to be the taste tester!  Well I won!  

We decided to bake a bunch of little batches of cookies—all different flavors—well  we found out that both of us in the kitchen could lead to food fights,  but anyways,  when the baking was done and cleaned up, we took a plate of the different batches, (some he made and some I made),  sat on the couch and took turns blind folding the other and feeding them a part of a cookie to see if they could guess what kind. 

When we would guess correctly we would then partake in a long passionate kiss (while still blindfolded), as the prize!