With Cookies

With Cookies


submitted by: P Murph


shaped cookiesEvery Sunday morning, I do my grocery shopping. Every Sunday for lunch, I drive into Boston to meet my sweetie for lunch, as he works on Sunday.

Last Halloween (we had just begun dating in September), my supermarket displayed large, individually wrapped, decorated sugar cookies, shaped as a pumpkin. Well, walking my sweetie back to his place of employment I slipped the cookie into his hand, telling him this relationship was fun, not scary. For Thanksgiving, the grocery store had turkey shaped sugar cookies. Of course, I purchased one for my sweetie, telling him I was glad my days of dating turkeys were over! For every holiday, I sought out these festive cookies. For Valentine’s Day, the heart shaped cookie told him he had my heart. The shamrock cookie told him he was my lucky charm. The Easter egg cookie I used to confirm he was a good egg!

These fun, inexpensive cookies gave me a way to express myself creatively – without getting too caught up in long, deep talks about emotions, before it was time! I still seek those cookies out on my Sunday adventures. My sweetie is still surprised when one is slipped into his hand for a Sunday afternoon treat.