With Cookies

With Cookies


submitted by: Brenda Abraham


romantic-cookie-heart-designsI recently got back with my one true love and for his 40th birthday I sent him a customized Cookie Bouquet.

I ordered about 24 to 26 cookies in shapes and characters that had significant meanings for both of us. Some examples of these shapes and characters are a Butterfly, Football, Saxophone, Smiley faces, Yellow roses, Red roses, A Boy, A Fish, Hot Air Balloon, Gift Boxes, Chili Pepper, A Question Mark, Boxers, A House, Champagne and Champagne Glasses, A car, Chocolate dipped strawberries, A birthday cake, Tombstones, and a Bumble Bee.

Instead of enclosing a card, I got on the computer and I wrote him a letter. This is what I did with the letter. I listed all the characters and shape and I wrote what they meant. Here are some examples:

Butterfly: Your voice, your words, your moans, your groans gives me butterflies.

Football: Your favorite sport and team. Chicago Bears looking good right now, possible Super Bowl bound. Go Bears. ( It was around Superbowl time and I also had them put the bears logo on the football cookie).

Saxophone: For your appreciation of good music including Jazz, Blues, and Gospel.

Smiley Faces: For the many smiles you have placed on my face, Thank You.

Yellow Roses: Thank you for your friendship, it is like no other and it means the world to me.

Red Roses: All My Love

A Boy: Your Son, how time flies. Congratulations, proud papa, hope he continues to make your proud.

A Fish: For your love of Fish , Fishes, and Fishing. ( he likes to eat fish, has a fish tank and loves fishing)

Hot Air Balloon: It represents your fun loving, spontaneous and adventurous side. Some of the things I so love about you.

Gift Boxes: These boxes represents whatever it is you truly desire on this day. If it were in my powers you would have it.

Chili Pepper: Even at 40 I still think that your are hot, and boy have I got the hots for you.

A Question Mark: For all the questions with no clear answers. Also for what you are thinking right now “What will she think of next?”

Boxer: Romantic side? Ummmm, or mature underwear for a mature man?

I had this delivered to his job in a very huge box. He called when he received it he was speechless.