With Cookies

With Cookies


submitted by: Amy


romantic-christmas-cookies-couple-dating-cookie-ideaIt was this past Christmas, and both my sweetie and I were far away from family. My Mom always made cut-out Christmas cookies each year, so I decided to make some of my own.

It was Christmas Eve, and my boyfriend had to work until about midnight. So, instead of making them all myself (he’s a chef, by the way), I decided to wait up for him so we could frost them together (I had baked them earlier in the day). It was probably one of the most romantic nights I’ve ever had.

Christmas music was playing on the stereo, the Christmas tree lights were on, and we had bowls and bowls of sticky, sweet icing. Each cookie was like a work of art, and showing each other what we had done was even better. We also took a few pictures of the “artists” finished product. My boyfriend told me later that he’d never made Christmas cookies before, and that making them with me made it the best Christmas he’d ever had.