With Cookies

With Cookies


submitted by: Jodie Parker


roamntic-i-love-you-sign-language-cookie-cutterAbout four years ago my husband and I found a new way to express our love. Any time someone leaves the house, the other person stops what they are doing to go to the door or window and give the “I love you” sign in sign language.

This has become so much a part of our lives that even our children do it as they head off to school or to play.  Additionally my husband loves my sugar cookies, so during a five week business trip, I baked up a batch to send to him. The cookie cutter was what made them special though… it was in the shape of the “I love you” sign!!

What a great way to let him know that even though he was far away that I still loved him and thought about him daily. Every now and then I will make some and send them to his office or surprise him as we sit on the patio in the evening. These cookies really say “amore”.