Craft Ideas

Craft Ideas


submitted by: Marrielle


romantic mosaic ideas knock on wood carved heartI’ve been with an amazing man for a year and a half. On our anniversary, he surprised me with a trip to Big Sur.

Let me back up for one second…  We had gone to a street fair not long before and bought one of those totally silly wood cut-outs. We had it read, Mel (heart symbol) Sal. I’m that way with cheesy romantic stuff.

Anyway, I pilfered it from my boyfriend’s house one day without him noticing. And for the next 2 days I worked 5 hours a day mosaicing the wood sculpture. And loved every minute of it! I picked out monochromatic blues for the names and pinks for the heart. I can’t explain how beautiful it came out.

On our trip we exchanged gifts. He was blown away. He’d never seen any of my mosaic work. And he’ll kill me for saying it, but he welled up with tears ( just between you and me!) And to my surprise, HE had been working on something on his own time!

He had made a CD of all the songs that he’d heard in his head at some of our special times together. It’s hard to explain but, for the index he named the clues to where we were. Then, when the song came on, the title was what he was thinking! (ie. The way you looked tonight!!)  He topped off with two adorable pictures of the two of us on the front and back covers! It’s funny ’cause I remember him asking me if I could hear the songs! I thought he was crazy! I’ve never been so touched. We were both a little verklempt!