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Craft Ideas


submitted by: Marie Godfrey


hot air balloon furniture craft romance ideaMy boyfriend, who I am madly in love with, moved into a new apartment this past August. He had most of the furniture that he needed but would have liked to have had a nightstand. A few months prior to his move, he and I went on a hot air balloon over his hometown. It was absolutely a wonderful time and we really enjoyed the experience and just being able to hold each other as we floated over all of his old stomping grounds. After we landed in the yard of his elementary school, we had a cheese and cracker picnic accompanied with a bottle of champagne.

Knowing what a special day that was for both of us, and also knowing that my boyfriend needed a nightstand, I decided to make a special one for him for his birthday. I worked hard to design and build the perfect top. It was made out of a mosaic kit and with all the pieces of glass put together, it made a picture of the hot air balloon that we had flown in.

Needless to say, he absolutely loved everything and was touched to have received a piece of furniture that his little babe had made with her own hands.