Craft Ideas

Craft Ideas


submitted by: Jennifer


paper caterpillar craftMy boyfriend and I had had a few problems but we knew we wanted to be together more than anything and that it would just take time to get to know each other and accept the other one.

I cut circles out of paper and colored them all different colors. I made the circles all different sizes and then I arranged them from largest to smallest to create a caterpillar.

I taped the circles together and I painted eyes and a smile on the caterpillar. I made little antennas out of paper, and on the first circle after the caterpillar’s head I put “I” on the second one I put a heart for “love,”  the third one had a “U” and in the last little circle I put a “!”

Then I made a tiny card and decorated it on the outside. On the inside I told him how much I loved him and that the caterpillar symbolized the step we were in our relationship and that as it developed it would turn into a beautiful butterfly which would soar high above everything else.

I got several Awws and I love you’s for this one. He hung it up on his bathroom mirror so he can see it every morning. I have to admit the little caterpillar is so cute you cant help but smile. It was fun, easy, fast, and cheap to make and very much appreciated!