Romantic Crafts

Romantic Crafts


submitted by: Rosa Marie

love potpourriWhile we were dating, I saved all of the roses that my husband sent me – I had hung them upside down to dry.  Sweetheart that he is, I had quite a bunch saved and wanted to do something special with them.

So, I chopped off all of the buds and a few of the leaves and made potpourri out of them.  Then I went to the local crafts stores and bought an assortment of empty Christmas ornaments to fill – gold spun, and big and little clear glass balls.  It was a challenge to fit some of the potpourri into the balls, but I filled them all about half way full.  Then I decorated the tops with ribbons, beads and silk flowers.

I didn’t tell him what they were until after the tree was all decorated… he thought I bought them.  He was surprised and amazed that I had saved all of his roses and that they weren’t left to rot in a box in the attic.  And I just love telling people that come over and see our tree that all of the roses I got while we were dating are hanging for all to see…