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Craft Ideas


submitted by: Tweety


romantic popcorn movie theater date craft ideas slideshow birthday ideaThis year for my husbands birthday, I really didn’t have much money, so I called up all his co-workers, family and friends to give me a birthday wish for him and I wrote them down. I also told them not to call him on his birthday so he would think everyone forgot.

I had one of my friends to stop by on that day for a “surprise visit”. And when she was there I decided that I needed some formula for our 3 month old baby. She said she would babysit. So I grabbed him to go with me but somehow we “ended up with reserved seats at the movie theater”. When we got home, his favorite music was playing and food from Pizza Hut was waiting for him.

For the finale I had put together a slideshow presentation about facts that happened in the 70’s. And it also had that the most important thing was the fact that he was born. Then it showed everybody on a slide of their own with their picture and a birthday wish for him. He was mad that everyone was in on it, but he loved it!

I was so glad it was over because it was so hard to keep it from him, because he was sooo nosy.