Date Disasters

Date Disasters


submitted by: Linda V


tried of the phoneI met a man through a friend of mine.  The first time we talked, time flew and I thought to myself how amazing is this to have so much in common. After that we decided to exchange numbers and go out on a date.  Normal as every first date goes, I spent a little more time then usual making sure I looked just right.  

When he came to pick me up he was a complete gentleman. Within ten minutes into the date, his cell phone rings.  I at first shrugged it off, thinking it might be something important.  The call lasted about twenty minutes, him on the phone and me sitting next to him parked in front of the place where we had reservations.  

Finally off the phone, we get out and notices the time, apparently the call that was so important was just his ex-girlfriend talking about a date she just came from and how horrible it went and this call made us miss our reservations. So we waited for an hour and chatted outside the building and in that time his phone rang four more times.  

As nice as this guy was, no one ever told him how to not answer a phone. Once we sat down, it rang two more times through out dinner. One more 20 twenty minute call now with his brother from his fraternity. Throughout this time, I realize I’m on a first date with myself, and my dating is having a love affair with his phone.

Once dinner was finished we left and got in the car and told me we needed to run an errand.  Being the polite one and not chewing him out for his behavior, I went along with it and we ended up two blocks from my place, in front a liquor store.  He ran inside while I twiddled my thumbs in the car and watched him walk out with a case of beer.  A little confused I asked what that was for.  His reply: “My little bro wanted to drink tonight and since I was out I told him I’d pick up a case.” I nodded and told him to turn down the street. He did and we ended up at my place.  He asked if something was wrong and while I was getting out of the car, I told him I had to go. He told me he had a great time and how he wanted to go out again, my reply: “Don’t call me, I’ll call you.”