Date Disasters

Date Disasters


submitted by: Karen Bundy


dating-disasters-bad-dates-man-on-the-phone-at-dinnerThe worst date I ever went on was actually the first real date I ever had. I met a really nice guy at a restaurant, he was our waiter.  We talked for a
little while and we really seemed to click.  He had a great personality and sense of humor.  He asked for my number so I gave it to him.  He called me a
few days later and asked me out to dinner.  He picked me up and we proceeded to drive to the Cheesecake Factory, a great restaurant.

The conversation in the car was a little awkward but I thought it was just first date jitters. We got to the restaurant and had to wait to be seated.  The entire time he never said a word.  It was like he was a different person then who I had met at the restaurant where he worked.  Being a very outgoing person I thought this was strange but I tried to ask him questions because I thought that he was nervous.  He had only one word answers for every question I asked.

We finally got to sit down and we looked over the menus and ordered.  The restaurant is sort of a family place so it gets pretty noisy.  He was leaning so far back in his chair that I had to lean over the table in order to even hear him.  Then he said that he had to make a call.  So he got up and went to call someone.

My date returned.  His phone went off again.  He left the table.  He returned and then proceeded to leave again.  I wasn’t sure if he was bored or if he had
stomach issues.  When he returned I tried to resume conversation but he again leaned so far back in his chair that I had to shout at him and then I couldn’t really hear what his responses were.  By this time I was getting really frustrated.  I think he even left one more time.

We finished our dinner and were walking out to his car when he realized that he couldn’t find it.  The restaurant was located in a mall and we ended up walking around the entire area just to find his car.  You could cut the tension with a knife!  After what seemed like eternity but was actually about 45 minutes we located his car.

Now I know the date was not going well but I thought we might go to a movie or something but no he got on the freeway and took me home.  He dropped me off at about 9pm right at the time when my girlfriends were leaving to go out.  They were shocked to see me home so early.  I ended up just going out with them and having a good time.  But to this day it was the weirdest date I ever went on. I never heard from him again.