Date Disasters

Date Disasters


submitted by: Rebecca


Foot outsideI really DO NOT normally do things like this but I have to tell the story about one of my dates, the worst date of my life!

I met the guy at the laundry mat. I saw him more than one time there and we would always talk while doing the laundry. This was a town of about maybe 1000 people. He finally asked me out for a date so we made the arrangements.

I was all dressed up and ready to go and then he finally showed up 2 hours late! No big deal I thought, it happens. He comes inside and we chat for a bit, I am sitting there waiting for us to leave to go to dinner. Then he blurts out that he was going to run and go pick up something to eat that he would be back! What? He did not just say what I thought he said! Yea he did! He leaves, without asking me what I want, the least he could do was ask I thought!

He then comes back from going to a fast food restaurant and goes and sits at my dining room table and proceeds to eat his dinner. I am watching him in shock when all of the sudden he drops his tomato on the floor, picks it up and eats it! I thought I was gonna die! I was in total disbelief!

Then after he ate we watched some movies, I was just being kind, I knew it was the last time I would EVER have anything to do with him again! But wait it gets better, or should I say worse!

He starts telling me that he has this thing for feet. He won’t go out with someone if they don’t have beautiful feet. What the heck? So I show him my feet for the heck of it, unfortunately I have been told that I have pretty feet. Then of course he goes on and on about how pretty my feet are.

But wait there is more! He tells me that he can’t see me again because he isn’t physically attracted to me! You know what……that at that time was the most wonderful words I could ever hear! I swear this date really did happen and to this day I share that story when I hear people talking about worst dates. Does it really get any worse? If it does, I feel very sorry for them.