Date Disasters

Date Disasters


submitted by: Sherry

bad datesMy worst date was really a worst series of dates.  I stared dating this guy and the first date went fine.  Typical first date where you’re really too nervous to have a great time but things went well and we got along really great.

It went down hill from there however. Our second date, he was supposed to pick me up at 7. The phone rings at 6:45 and he tells me that he was up all night the night before with his buddies and then he went hunting all day so he’s really too tired to do anything. In his favor, he did offer to make it up to me the next day. I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

That next day he picked my up, then picked up one of his friends (who I had never met) and we went to visit another of his friends (who I had also never met). He left me to talk to the friend’s wife while the guys went to another room to play guitar. We stayed there until midnight, then he took me home.

The third date wasn’t officially a date. I was going to a party at a mutual friend’s house and he asked if I’d be there and told me that he’d meet me there. He never showed up.

Why I let it go to three, I don’t know. Sucker for punishment I guess.