Date Disasters

Date Disasters


submitted by: Philip A Landers


romantic-couple-walking-down-road-out-of-gas-dating-disastersI had been going out with my girlfriend for a little less than a year.  One year for her birthday I had planned to take her to an early movie before taking her home to a surprise birthday party.  My car had been in the shop so I borrowed my Dads Jeep, which to set the stage had very little gas.  Needless to say we didn’t make it to the movie.

We ended up walking about two miles to a gas station where we called my parents to come pick us up and get some gas for the jeep.  After about a 45 minute hike through the summer heat in Houston Texas we made it to the gas station.  Then once we made it to the gas station and called my parents they said they would be on their way…

An hour later my dad showed up and picked us up.  We got the gas and the jeep and made it to the party on time, bad date but ended up as a great story. We did make the best of it and laughed about it for the rest of our relationship. That was one bad date I’ll always be embarrassed about but she really did not mind.