Date Disasters

Date Disasters


submitted by: Georgiana LaSalle


romantic-date-disaster-car-broken-down-bad-datesMy worst date had to have been my Senior Prom. There were six of us going together in one car. One of the girls and I had to drive to get my date so I thought his family would want to take pictures so I got all dressed up before we headed down. I was in my pretty white dress and heels with make-up and hair all done up. When we arrived he just came out and we left, not a big deal until we were on our way home and realized the van had run out of gas.

The girl and I decided we would stick together and go locate a gas station, luckily a really nice older gentleman rescued us and took us to get gas, but when we got back to where the van was left, it was not there. We drove a little further and realized that my date has started it to see if we could make it a little further. Anyways, we put the gas in and said thank you to the nice man and we were on our way to the gas station.

After dinner, when we went to leave, our car would not start… we had to call a tow truck to jump start us and had problems with him trying to get that large truck down into the underground parking, but we were finally on our way, but, the lights and the radio started to go dim, the battery was dying…we ended up having to pull over on the side of the road and wait a little while to start it back up. We finally started it back up and we were on our way…we made it to prom….what a memory to forget.