Date Disasters

Date Disasters


submitted by: A. Bridges


c-grade-at-school-romantic-highschool-teacher-bad-dates-comicalI had recently divorced and some well-meaning friends planned a blind date for me.  My girlfriend, who was about 6 years younger than I, said that the man I’d be meeting was her husband’s older brother who had also been recently divorced.  I never asked his name and truly wasn’t worried about the date because my friends are great people and they were planning to come along.  

The plan was to meet him at a restaurant.  When we arrived at the restaurant, my date had not arrived, so I used the extra time to head to the ladies room and touch up my hair and makeup to provide an extra good first impression.  

On my way to the ladies room, I saw my high school English teacher coming through the entrance.  He was my high school crush, as he was only 2 years out of college when he started teaching at our school.  I stopped him and chatted, coming to find out he was there to meet someone for dinner.  After telling him how great it was to see him, I excused myself and finished my trip to the ladies room. 

Certainly, you can guess what’s coming next.  I returned to the table to be introduced to my date…whom you know by now was my high school English teacher.  The rest of the evening was comical and somewhat uncomfortable.  I mean, who could get intimate with a person who never gave you better than a C on any test!