Date Disasters

Date Disasters


submitted by: Lori


fun-amusement-park-roller-coaster-terrible-date-badThe worst date I have ever been on occurred when I was 17 years old.  I was dating a fellow whose parents I had never met.  He lived with his grandmother and his parents came to visit about once a month.

I walked into my house one Friday night after and I see a 270 lb man covered in tattoos and a stringy- hair, rough looking woman standing in the dining room.  Since I come from a conservative Christian home, this is not something I saw everyday.  I soon realized these were his parents.  They asked my Mom and Dad if I could ride with them to a town about 3 hours away and stay the night so that we could go to the amusement park the next morning. They agreed as long as my boyfriend and I were in separate beds.  They agreed to the condition and on our merry way we went.
Once in the car and down the road, his father lights up a joint and his mom pulls out a Ziploc bag full of pills.  They began to fight over who would get what and started punching each other.  I was freaking out.

Finally, we arrived at the roach infested hotel.  As soon as we walk in the room, his father strips down to his underwear.  Not a pretty sight!!!  His mom then tells us to get ready for bed and she goes and changes into a black teddy (a trashy black teddy). They lay down in the bed together and my boyfriend and I look at each other; both of us remembering what my father’s instructions were.  We climb into bed – me on one seam under the covers; him on the other seam above the covers.  At about 4 o’clock my boyfriend wakes me up and asks if my father is going to kill him.  I told him that it was a possibility.

We got up the next morning and went to the amusement park.  His dad was in leather, his mom in a halter top, and to make matters worse, it was raining .  We went our separate ways from his parents but said we would meet up with them at lunch.  At the gate, we had to get our hand stamped to be able to reenter the park.  While in line, his mother started screaming at some 14 year old girl. She said that the girl had pushed her and caused her to spill her beer.  The girl was no where near her.  I was so humiliated.

We went out to the car at lunch and his mother started stripping in the parking lot.  I literally mean stripping down to nothing.  She finally got changed and we went back in the park.  It was finally time to go home.  We got in the car and again they started fighting.  Finally my boyfriend tells them to pull the car over and he drives us the rest of the way home. He drops his parents off and tells them to get out and he will deal with them later and takes me home.  My parents asked how it went when I got home and I replied, “It was magical, like right out of a movie…a horror movie.  Good night.”