Date Disasters

Date Disasters


submitted by: Kim Norrow


worst-dates-woman-paying-for-food-dinner-unhappy-smilingI was asked out on a date by who I thought was a really nice guy. I was ready and waiting by the door at the time he told me. And I waited and I waited. For an hour. When he did finally pick me up he didn’t apologize for being late. He didn’t even mention it. I decided to try to enjoy the date anyway.

We got to the movie and as we were standing in line he said to me “Can you just put this on your credit card. I don’t really want to spend my cash.” So I paid for my ticket and stood by as he paid for his. After the movie he asked if I wanted to go to dinner. Being a glutton for punishment I said yes. We went to a Coney Island. I should have known. When the check came he said “I’ll leave the tip. How much should I leave?” We figured it out, he set it on the table and walked out the door.

I paid for our meals, and ran to the payphone to call a friend to pick me up. I didn’t have enough money left to pay for my ride home with him.