Great Dates

Great Dates


submitted by: Tisha Rogers


romantic-man-holding-cards-in-hand-dating-ideas-uno-gameOne of the first dates my boyfriend and I went on is quite memorable.  We went to Wal-Mart and bought a deck of UNO cards.  Then, we headed over to the local frozen yogurt shop and bought some hot chocolate (it was winter with snow on the ground, thus, very cold).  We took the drink and cards to the upstairs of the shop and started to play several games of UNO.

Since we were just beginning our relationship, we were played several “mind” games with each other.  My boyfriend “hussled” me at the game (lead me to believe he was no good and would never win).  I just figured it was a game of luck, but he proved me wrong.  That’s why I agreed to play with him – I wanted to see if what he was saying was true or not.  We began to make wagers (bets) on the game (i.e. the loser would have to take the other to dinner, movies, ice cream, etc.)  I played along just because I wanted to go out with him again and this was a good way to ensure such a thing.  Come to find out, he was just in the middle of charade and was doing this to try and get further dates with me, also.

We are still together to this day and very much in love.  We have fun memories of that “fateful night of UNO.”