Great Dates

Great Dates


submitted by: James Holloway


romatnci-baseball-stadium-from-the-ski-epic-picture-dating-ideasFor our anniversary, I planned a special outing for my wife and me. But I had to keep my wife off balance until time to leave the house.

So that day at work, I had one of my co-workers call my house and leave a message on my answering machine saying “Mr. Holloway, your 7:30 dinner reservation has been confirmed and everything will be set up exactly as you requested.” Of course she didn’t leave her name or the name of the “restaurant” she was with.

Later that day I had another co-worker call my house and leave a message saying “Mr. Holloway, the credit card you used to reserve the limousine for this evening has been declined, please contact us before 12:00pm to make other arrangements or we will have to cancel your reservation.” Again, I told him not to use his name or indicate where he was “calling from.”

So, when my wife got home after 5:00pm, she picked up the messages, one about a dinner reservation, and the other about a limo that had been cancelled because I obviously hadn’t gotten the message in time.

Of course none of that is what I really had planned for the evening. We had talked for months about going to see our local minor league baseball team play, but we had never gotten around to it even though the stadium is just a 1/2 mile from our house. So I decided, no time like the present. I went by early and bought Prime Box tickets, and arranged for them to announce “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY” over the speaker system. (I wanted them to display it on the big light board in center field, but they said they couldn’t do that.)

So my wife was totally off balance until right before we pulled into the parking lot of the stadium. We had a great time and our team won 3-2.