Great Dates

Great Dates


submitted by: Christine Bonner


blindfoled date ideaJust a couple of months ago I planned a romantic evening for my boyfriend and myself. He arrived at my house, and I immediately ushered him into my car and gave him a card and little notes inside (Giving him an idea where we possibly were going). He read the first note and then I blind folded him. I played the romantic music that I had put together the night before. The first was opera (Three Tenors).

We arrived at our destination within 15 minutes. It was a tiny Italian cafe that I had found on my journey’s one day. We had a wonderful dinner and returned to the car. He read the second note, and I blind folded him once again. I had packed a picnic dessert with sparkling apple cider and finger desserts (Chocolate mousse tarts, Strawberry’s dipped in chocolate, etc). I took him to a Japanese Tea Garden in the centre of my city and we fed each other the desserts.

It ended up being a very romantic date and I’m actually thinking about doing it again in a couple of weeks.