Great Dates

Great Dates


submitted by: Anita Schultz


couple at home dinner date ideaEvery year my Husband and I take turns planning our Anniversary (our biggest date of the year). On our 11th Anniversary it was my turn. I wanted to do something out of the ordinary. I planned everything out perfectly!

First of all I took special care in picking out the clothing we were going to wear. For myself I picked out a sexy black dress with 5 criss-crossing spaghetti straps and for Him, black dress pants, white shirt and tie (he hates ties). On the morning of our special date I ironed his clothes after he left for work and I packed a bag for him. Before I went to work, I dropped off his clothes and bag with a note in his truck at his workplace.

The note in his truck said to go straight to his friend’s house and take a shower and put on the special clothes. Upon arriving at his friend’s house, he would receive another note that told him to drop off our son (I had dropped off our son at the friend’s house as part of the plan) at Grandma’s. Upon arriving at Grandma’s he would receive his final note. It told him to go HOME!

At home I had prepared grilled steak, shrimp, salad and veggies. Then I had taken time to get dressed up. I had candles all over the place. The dinner was served in (my friend’s) crystal dishes. The meal was better than I believe we could have received at any restaurant. After dinner we danced to the music and he hates to dance!!!