Great Dates

Great Dates


submitted by: Jenn Dearwester

Family of threeWhen I met my now husband I had a son who was 6 from a previous relationship. When he asked me out for the first time I said I would have to find a sitter he replied, no don’t! So I agreed reluctantly to allow my son to go with us on our date! That Friday here he comes in jeans and t shirt! Nothing fancy he said casual dress! So we all hop in his truck and off we go!! The three of us on our date!

I had already explained to my son that it may be boring to please keep his manners and be my little gentleman! I thought we were going to hang at the mall! (Closest one is like a 45 minute drive) First he asked if we were hungry to which of course my son replies yes! So we pull into Chuck E. Cheese!!

After spending three hours there and having a tired son he says “To the mall!?” And off we go because a 6 year old replied yes!! So we go to Kaybee Toys for another two hours!! It is now 9 p.m. and my exhausted son falls asleep in the truck, gets carried to his bed, and we spend the remainder of the night talking about hopes, dreams, and kids over the banana split he got at the local ice cream parlor!

My date was a success and after 4 years of marriage and another child my husband still takes us all on date night once a week!!