Great Dates

Great Dates


submitted by: Scott Ringwelski


romantic-apple-on-tree-branch-dating-ideas-orchardHere in Southern California there always a million things to do, all going at a million miles an hour and overcrowded with a million people at each venue.

Granted, some truly enjoy the exhilaration of the metropolis, however some romantics like to find a special place to be alone, to share a moment away from the Madding Crowd.

Off toward the edge of civilization, at the corner of the high desert, is Apple Country, an unspoiled area nestled with gentle rolling hills, silence so deep it fills the ears, and endless acres of orchards speckled with little shops.  Strolling on a cool fall day, bundled against the brisk breezes, one can pick apples or other fruit and produce, walk your dogs, stroll through the shops and visit with the friendly locals.  It is a world apart, a place where simplicity reigns and encourages the building of richer relations by offering an environment that encourages insightful conversation.

No matter where you are, there are probably places like this: orchards, regional parks, hiking trails.  Places to where the most important thing is not what you do, it’s how you grow in each other.  Yes, conversation is scary.  I makes one vulnerable at times, but that is exactly how strong relations are made.