Great Dates

Great Dates


submitted by: Kelly Legge


romantic-dinner-date-ideas-martha-stewartI think that one of  the most creative date ideas I’ve planned was what I called “The Martha Stewart Date”.

I have to admit to being a bit of a fan of hers (she has such great ideas!), so I thought long and hard about what Martha might do on a date.

I cooked an elaborate meal for my partner – Martha Stewart Style – with appetizers, salad with home made dressing, a full meal, and chocolate mousse for dessert. I decorated the table and even made the centerpiece myself.

After dinner, we baked cookies together!  It was a fun activity, as it was something we’ve never done before.  It was a chance for us to be silly and giggle together.

While the cookies were cooling, I took out all the supplies I had purchased (earlier in the week) for us to make cards for one another.  We sat together cutting and pasting, gluing, drawing, and then presented them to one another, while we nibbled on our cookies.

It was a fun evening, and had all the elements of what I consider to be a good date – it had romance (a candlelight dinner), it was fun (baking cookies and giggling) and it allowed us to let one another know we really feel (with the cards we made).  It was simply a terrific date!