Great Dates

Great Dates


submitted by: Jessica Moore


romantic-dating-ideas-lake-dock-picnic-cuddlingMy sweet husband thought up a unique date about a month ago. He did everything himself and I was in suspense the whole night waiting to see what was next.

First he sent me an e-card with a romantic sunset and told me what I should wear for the evening. Then he picked me up when he got off work and took me to a nearby lake. We went out onto one of the docks.

It was just past sunset and no one else was even around. The sunset was part of the idea but we were just a bit too late for that. Anyway, he laid a blanket on the dock and we sat there and had a picnic.

This was one of the best parts. He had prepared all this finger food himself and made me close my eyes while he fed me and I had to guess what food it was. Thankfully, there was nothing disgusting 🙂 It was all foods I love. We also had sparkling grape juice to toast with. We finished our food and he went back to the car and brought out a sleeping bag. We then cuddled up under the sleeping bag and the stars. It was a very memorable night.