Great Dates

Great Dates


submitted by: Shannon-Rasmussen


romantic-hot-tub-jacuzzi-relaxing-weekend-dating-ideaRon and I are so busy, that often we don’t get to see each other for days, even though we are married! So, as a gift for our first anniversary, I created an entire weekend for Ron.

I made a flyer that outlined many of the plans, and alluded to many surprises. Everything we did for the weekend was Ron’s favorite things. Then, to build suspense for the weekend, which wasn’t scheduled to happen for two months, Ron received a gift on every date that had a seven in it (since we were married on the 27th), that would give him hints about what we were going to do for the weekend.

Our weekend began on Friday after work, when we went shopping at a hardware store (he had received a gift certificate for that hardware store on a “7 date”), since that is where he is happiest (especially if I’m with him!).

Then we went home to a romantic dinner and played a romantic game with “props” which had been given to him earlier. The next morning we got up and drove three hours (listening to a special “road tape” that I had made and given him earlier) to Malibu Grand Prix for 40 laps (which, again, he had received earlier).

We had a romantic dinner at his favorite steak place, and then retired to a hotel for an evening in a hot tub. We wound up Ron’s weekend on Sunday by getting up and having coffee at a coffee shop on those comfortable couches in front of a fire, and then going for a bike ride. The weekend was fun for not just Ron, but me as well!!