Romantic Decorating

Romantic Decorating


submitted by: Rita

outdoor wallpaperWhen I moved into my husband’s home with my five children, this house was a flashback to the fifties. I had a little money from the sale of my own home and we decided that our goal would be to remodel the house room by room after the outside was completed.
About 6 months later, the outside was completed, and he asked if I would mind if he took a mini vacation to go fishing for two days with his brother-in-law. This was the break we both needed! He needed the break from working on the house and I wanted to give him a special surprise!

I took our favorite room that we both love to hang out in with friends and redecorated it to match our favorite love… the outdoors and most especially wolves! I am a Native American and I incorporated the wolf motif with some works of my heritage.

I found a wolf border, and a creek bed pattern wallpaper and tied it together with a Native American pattern paper. When he came home and saw the room, he was thrilled! He placed his fishing pole in the corner and this is where it sits when not in use.  The best part about him not putting his fishing pole away is that it actually matches the room and most people just think that it is a part of the decorations!

I guess our love of the outdoors is what brought us together and this is our special room for our romantic dinners, and special nights when the children are away for the weekend!