Romantic Decorating

Romantic Decorating


submitted by: Suzanne


romantic-picture-frames-dating-ideas-decorating-while-you-are-awayWhen my husband and I were first dating, we lived on opposite sides of the country. We only saw each other about four times in the first year and a half we were dating. The way we built our relationship (other than the Questions for Couples) was by “dating” regularly via the phone. Sometimes we would go out to the same movie and then call each other as soon as it was over, other times we would go somewhere special and describe it to the other over the phone. Our favorite date though was our Saturday nights. We would watch the reality decorating shows like “Trading Spaces” and “While You Were Out” over the phone and discuss what they were doing. Always we would end up planning for our house.

Eventually, he moved to Delaware to live by me and we got married. We bought a house and started to settle in. We had been living there about a year when he flew back to Texas to visit his daughters for a long weekend. We still hadn’t really “done” the living room and it was driving us both kind of crazy. So while he was gone, a friend of mine decided to play While You Were Out… we went shopping and bought tons and tons of picture frames to fill up the shelves and things she and I built.

We also bought some big poster size frames. Then we took pictures of his family, my family and outdoor shots from our honeymoon and went to one of the picture center things and played around with blowing them up and changing the colors. Our living room walls now have beautiful “artwork” that was created from our honeymoon pictures.

I have people ask me all the time where I got them and I just smile and tell them that I got them on the most wonderful weekend of my life. When he got home, he was really touched that I took our weekends in front of the TV and turned them into our own little TV show.