Romantic Decorating

Romantic Decorating


submitted by: Brittany Martin


romantic-man-using-tools-laid-out-old-style-rustic-puzzle-decoratingWhen my husband Shaun and I were dating, we were both in college, which meant we were both broke!!!  For fun, we loved to put together puzzles, especially Thomas Kinkade ones.  We were so proud of the first one that we put together that we didn’t want to take it apart.  However we couldn’t decide what to do with it.  Finally I put it under my bed to deal with later.

He lived in a dorm room at the time and I lived in a small campus apartment.  The apartment was so small, there was no room for a kitchen table.  For Christmas that year, Shaun was really broke and couldn’t afford to buy me anything.  So when he went home for Christmas he holed up in his grandmother’s wood shop for 3 days and built my Christmas present.

He built me a small bar-like table and the best part was he put our first puzzle in the tabletop and covered it with glass.  It was so beautiful.  He didn’t stain it so I could pick out what color I wanted and we spent the rest of Christmas break staining it together.  It was such a wonderful time that I will never forget.  And now that we’re married, that table is still in our house today!