Romantic Decorating

Romantic Decorating


submitted by: Phoo Nyo

romantic-turtle-pottery-dating-ideas-decorating-savingsHere is a date that includes decorating a project:
My boyfriend and I went to a pottery painting store, As You Wish, together a while ago. The store already has ceramic objects made (plates, piggy-banks, vases, statues, photo frames, etc..) that you can choose and then paint. You pick whatever you want to paint, then you choose from a variety of paints (no limit on how many colors) that you can use to decorate your object. My boyfriend and I chose a turtle shaped piggy-bank, and it was so fun painting it together. We named him Evyn and even painted him toenails of pink hearts. It was such a good time doing this decorating project together, then we picked it up a couple days later when they had baked it.

We keep Evyn at my boyfriend’s house and put in our spare change every now and then. And every once in a while, we’ll open him up to use then money to go out to a nice dinner. It was not only a great date, and functional as we continued to use it, but every time we use it we remember the laughs and kisses we shared while painting.


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